Fabula – A Take on Fake News

Due to the advent of technology in modern times, information is made accessible at our fingertips. Information may come from legitimate sources or from fraudulent ones. As you can tell from the title, I will give my opinion on fake news.

Let me get this out of the way first, I do not condone any act that bears false witness against anyone but I do admit that reading some of these articles will sort of entertain you, just be responsible in sharing and don’t be fooled yourself.

As a communication student and a seeker of the truth, fake news would really get a hold of the thinking process at it proves to be a nuisance in pursuit of what is true. You wouldn’t want to be spreading fake news yourself now would you? The problem with fake news is that it caters to the biases of people as it is mostly used in advancing political interests making certain people such as fanatics to mass share false information.

Here are some examples of fake news that have been circulating ever since information dissemination became a thing.

One of the common fake news that I see on Facebook are the ones associated with Duterte, especially photos of people who have said good things about the president even if the photos are clearly unauthentic.

Photo by Harry Arcos Sumido Álamo

It is truly mind boggling that a lot of people unironically think that these photos and quotations are real. Sharing these kind of false information may be avoided by simply looking up the names of the person in the photo. It’s ridiculous that people fall for these.

When it comes to the academe, when not necessarily circulating in news, biases have also taken hold of objectivity especially in researches concerning gender, race, and sexuality.

Photo taken from phys.org

In my observations, majority of these fake news are either spread for political gain or sometimes these fake news are posted by trolls who just want to add fuel to the fires of confusion and misinformation. Most of the time some sketchy websites deliberately create sensational headlines in order to gain clicks because when it comes to monetization, racking up clicks prove to benefit these websites.

Not to mention these out of this world headlines…

Fake news may be many but our brain cells are far more so we have to use this brain power to battle fake news. All we have to do read the articles and do additional research to confirm such before embarrassingly share fake news in our news feed. Remember, the truth is out there and we just have to seek it diligently. Think before you click, people!

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